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We are Hannah and Ed, a partnership born from a love of farming, festivals and pumpkins! 


Ed - he’s the lifter and the shifter of the operation and the fourth generation of his family to be working on the farm. 


I (Hannah) - basically do everything else from the finance to the social media, to planning and the taste testing (although everyone always becomes available for this)I moved to Herefordshire from Cardiff 4 years ago, taking a change in career from recruitment to diversifying the farm when we came up with the idea of Pumpkin Pete’s. 


It’s been nerve racking, exhausting and certainly added a few more wrinkles but together we’ve created a sustainable family business that we’re incredibly proud of and love to see so many people enjoy, year after year. There are so many more people that make up Pumpkin Pete’s who we’ll be introducing you to very soon.We’ve got exciting plans for Pumpkin Pete’s and can’t wait to share them with you over the coming months.

Ed and Hannah Godsall at Pumpkin Pete's
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